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How much average wedding dress alterations cost?

Please be advised that the prices set out here are a guide only and will vary according to each gown. We therefore advise that you bring in your gown for a more accurate quote. All other alterations not listed will be individually priced. The prices quoted are general and should be used for guidance only. Intricate complex or heavily beaded gowns will carry additional charges which will be advised at fitting. It is important you bring with you the underwear and shoes you will be wearing on the day to get a perfect fit.


Average wedding dress alterations cost

Wedding dress alterations cost $150 to $600 on average, with most brides spending around $450.
Wedding dress tailoring costs $30 to $40 per hour. Bridal gown alterations require 2 to 3 fittings over 2 to 3 months.

National average cost$450
Minimum cost$50
Maximum cost$1,000
Average cost range$150  ~  $600


Wedding dress and gown alterations price list

Bridal gown alteration costs approximately $150 to $600, depending on the complexity and the seamstress’ time and rates.
Alterations that involve delicate fabrics and embellishments increase the cost.
Most brides need a hem, bustle, and side-seam work to take it in for a perfect fit.

ServiceAverage cost
Bodice alterations
Add bra cups$20 – $40
Corset – Replace zipper or buttons with corset closure$100 – $200
Reshape neckline$40 – $120
Take in/let out the side seams$50 – $280
Sleeve & shoulder alterations
Sleeves – Add cap or long sleeves$100 – $200
Sleeves – Alter or taper$30 – $100
Straps – Add or adjust$20 – $80
Shoulders – Raise or lower$40 – $70
Skirt alterations
Hem$70 – $360
Add Bustle$30 – $200
Take in/let out the skirt width (skirt seams)$40 – $120
Train – Remove or shorten train$30 – $250
Add belt or sash$20 – $40
Beading – Repair or add beadwork$30 – $40 per hour

*Price depends on the number of layers, the size of the skirt and amount of lace and beading involved.


Additional bridal gown alterations prices

Additional alterations cost $5 to $100 for improvements such as adding bra straps, buttons, a zipper, slits, or steaming.
While most alterations improve the bridal gown’s fit or style, some improve the gown’s comfort.

ServiceAverage costPurpose
Add bra straps$15 – $45Adds support
Add buttons or a zipper$40 – $85Adjusts size or makes dressing easier
Add modesty panel$20 – $60Makes the dress less revealing
Move/add snaps, hooks-and-eyes (each)$5 – $20Adjusts size or makes dressing easier
Open or close slit (per layer)$25 – $40Allows more freedom of movement
Shorten belt$20 – $30Removes excess belt length
Steaming$40 – $100Removes wrinkles

*Price depends on the number of layers, the size of the skirt and amount of lace and beading involved.


Custom bridal veil cost

A custom bridal veil costs $50 to $400, depending on the length, number of tiers, fabric quality, and embellishments added.
The cost of labor to add embellishments like heirloom lace or pearls from your mother’s wedding dress is $30 to $40 per hour.

Custom veils by lengthAverage cost
Fingertip (32-48 inches)$50 – $180
Ballet/waltz (49-71 inches)$50 – $220
Sweep/Floor-length (72-87 inches)$50 – $250
Chapel (88-105 inches)$70 – $350
Cathedral (106-126 inches)$100 – $400
Add embellishments (crystals, pearls, antique heirloom lace)$30 – $40 per hour



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