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What Our Seamstress Does For Your Wedding Dress Alterations

With thousands of various styles for wedding dresses there will always be the creative minds out there that wish something certain could be performed on their dress. But lets just think about the 5 most popular requests that we have performed alterations for the past decade. Then we’ll look at another 5 different minor alterations you may also think about on your dress. We’re here to help you brainstorm!

1. Wedding Dress Bust Alterations – The chest area: Depending on the types and style of your dress our professional tailoring services have restyled the front of dresses from new beading, lace work as well as turning them into sweetheart and other shapes. The intricacies of restyling are not simple especially if your dress has beading, lace or a thin layer on top. Our suggestion is to find a tailor nearby that certainly has a portfolio to show for the work they are able to perform.

2. Expert Wedding Dress Waistline Alterations – Things are not meant to fix you perfectly. That is the truth. Any garment piece off of the rack is meant to be tailored to become more form fitting. We always love the stories at the tailor shop when clients come in and say “my pants we’re really expensive, but they did not come with a hem!” The proper explanation I say, is you may be a 30 inch waist and 5 foot 6 inch or you may be a 30 inch waist and 6 foot tall. The hem is meant to be tailored by professionals. Likewise with “custom dresses,” even with measurements we have seen a lot clients who have ordered dresses online and always have issues due to the fact that many shops look at the top 3 things being bust / hips and waistline. This is where you as yourself would you rather have the dress too tight or a little loose for alterations.

3. Professional Bridal Gown Hems – Hemming like the prior example for pants are the same for dresses. Do not feel like it’s just you. There are many other individuals other with similar sizes but varying heights. Sometimes you may get away with higher heels but you cannot wear 10 inch heels down the aisle. Let a professional tailor take a look at your wedding dress.

4. Wedding Dress Strap Alterations – Shortening straps may be a solution to avoiding hems sometimes. Always remember things on your dress are proportional you alter one thing other things will shift. Such as the underarm hole. This will cause uncomfortableness and irritation on your special day. So if you have a halter top and showing too much bust in the front there are many options to alter your wedding dress. One being shortening the straps or addition of a modesty piece we would insert into your dress.

5. Best Wedding Dress Bustling Tailors- Bustle your dress if it’s too long! We will discuss the various types of bustles in another blog but always you want to bustle your dress if it’s too long. It may be a simple one or 20 at our Alterations we have professional perform wedding dress bustles on thousands of dresses. One thing to think about is the style of the dress. Many times it’s about the look, sometimes it’s about the actual functionality of the bride not stepping on the dress when she walks down the aisle. Have a professional tailor pin your dress to perfection to visualize your bustles and check out our blog later about bustles.

6. Professional Vintage Wedding Dress Alterations: Many of our brides have loved the nostalgia wedding dress look. But also want to have a part of the modernness added to the dress. This may be removing the sleeves, addition of sleeve, removal or addition of a bow, adding in layers or top layer.

7. Custom Wedding Veils: Find something you absolutely love, but due to the cost or inability to find one? A professional tailor is able to create custom veils for your wedding. From long, short, styled pieces there are hundreds of styles out there.

8. Creating Corsets or Resizing Wedding Dresses: Yes this happen. Many times there is nothing you can do to avoid it. It may be you purchased your dress early prior to the wedding and the fit is way to snug to breathe, you may be wearing an old vintage wedding dress from a family member, etc. Though it is a lot simpler to resize a wedding dress that is larger to smaller. But professional dressmakers are able to resize your bridal gowns. Depending on the style and how much needs to be let out on the wedding dress there are many ways to resize. One of the most popular being addition of a panel and corset on the wedding dress. This allows for an elegant style to the back. The addition of this is generally if there is a zipper in the midline section.

9. Customized Wedding Dresses: Find something in a bridal magazine you absolutely love? Well the best wedding tailors near you can help. There may be some limitations due to proportionality of your wedding dress. But we agree that it may be adding things such as tulle to make your dress wider on the bottom for the ball gown wedding dress look.

10 Wedding Dress Accessorizing: We are not talking about anything too over the top. But more so if you were looking at having a wedding belt with rhinestones placed in. Creating custom beadwork to be added to your wedding dress etc. Remember our rule of thumb ask questions!

There are so many amazing alterations that may be performed to your wedding dress. Find the right wedding dress tailors in your area or contact us for wedding dress consultations we are more than happy to help make your day extra special.


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